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There is a thin-line between successful online web presence and the failed one. Not having a realistic budget is the recipe for online business failure. Distinguishing what you need from what you want in a website design and development matter most, and hence determine the kind of result you get. 

A problem well stated is half-solved

Budget Mapping
In Web Design.

There is a popular saying that goes “cut your cloth according to your sizes”. No doubt, this is a powerful adage that helps guide your spending instinct. However important it sounds, it may not necessarily be the same when drawing a comparison between real costs and cost of building a successful online campaign. The same notion could be applied to a website designed professionally or obtained cheaply somewhere online.

Cheaper Website, Loss or Gain

A lot of small business owners that I have met in my line of work had bitterly experienced this harsh reality of representing their business cheaply online rather than having a result-driven and realistic budget in place to set the record straight once and for all. They always have the reservation and discerning confidence of getting a cheaper and affordable website online. Of course, you can get a website for as low as $300, or even purchase a template for even a ridiculously lower rate.

There are advantages in budgeting low for a website acquisition but setting your bar lower than normal might be costly to fix, when you are actually met with the reality of online web presence. But the truth always sounds unrealistic but it’s rather better to invest a lot of time in web planning and implementing the right spending strategies before hitting the web.

Leave the pains to the web expert

Web design requires a lot of fantastic and due diligent planning that must be painstakingly observed at every level of the development processes with zero tolerance to shortcut. Of course, it is not mandatory you hire a professional website designer to get the job done. But the challenge of website maintenance, the technical problem, cyber-attack and security issues, deprecated web coding, and functionalities that drive the entire site might need an upgrade, should not be an option. These are the pains that drive most business owners nut on the web when the reality checked in.

Be Honest with Your Website Budget

Whichever route you intend to take to represent your business online, one thing that would never change is the result or the transformative outcome. So it’s important to know that, your business is important to you and being honest about the real costs of each of the possible ways to bring your idea alive online from site design, technical coding, maintenance, web marketing and other important features of interest should be considered.

Website Cost Alternatives

It is no doubt a professional website design can cost hundreds, thousands, or more depending on your project complexity and goals. But remember, the high cost of web design does not necessarily translate to great success. How your website is designed, arranged, and planned to meet your target audience are the most important features that must be considered when planning a budget for a website.

Web Design and Development Cost

Web design and development costs start with the cost of domain and hosting. Always avoid free web hosting, purchasing the right domain name, and hosting from the trusted service provider is an important factor you want to factorize into your website budget.

The question of – how much does it cost to build a professional website for your brand online? is an important question to ask and research online. You need to ensure your budget and plan are on the right path. Numerous costs are involved in just getting a website running. The cost of which may include:

  • Style or theme of the web project
  • Responsive or basic
  • Content management inclusion (CMS)
  • Website maintenance and upgrade
  • Number of the domain and how long will it last for
  • Trusted hosting provider
  • Web marketing features (e-mail marketing, social marketing, search engine marketing, e.t.c)
  • Web content going on the site.
  • Graphics (logo, stock photo e.t.c)

All of these factors could be overwhelmingly confusing and sometimes misrepresented depending on who handles your web project. Basic web design cost should be around $2,000 and up to $15,000. Some web agency charges a ballpark on their service, while some charge per hour. You need to factor this into your planning. See our website rates to learn more about this.


Whichever alternative you pursue to bring your idea alive on the web, you should use a professional website designer or seasoned developer that understands your business objectives. No design work should never be done without going through an iterative development process in which you try out different visual approaches, compare and evaluate them, and select the best options to proceed with. That is effective budgeting for successful websites.

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