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Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

Do have any questions?

GWA frequently asked question provides you with some helpful faqs on website design, website hosting, and search engine optimization.

Top Popular FAQs on Website Design

Do you have any frequently asked questions regarding website design, why not take a look at few of these collections.

What is the difference between static and dynamic website?

A static website is a non-dynamic HTML web pages usually not editable directly the front-end. It is defined as a stationary HTML web pages with no database and its delivered to the user’s web browser as is.

A static website is that whose contents remain unchanged and may not be editable directly except through hard-coding and require a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge.

Dynamic website is a database-drive content management system whose contents changes dynamically whenever it’s content is modified by authorized users.

What are the advantages of having a static websites?
  1. The advantage of having a static website is in its simplicity, with few web pages. Building an HTML page, especially one with a simple design, is not a huge task.
  2. If you have not more than 5 pages for your web project and not planning to invest much, then static web pages could be the only choice.
  3. You don’t have to worry about database maintenance, as all data will be stored in cache or text file otherwise.
  4. It is cost effective in terms of storage  maintainability and bandwidth
  5. No dependencies and less complexities are required to display contents to the browser
  6. Fast and with improved performance in terms of speed.
What are disadvantages of having static website?
  1. Complexity grows when it comes to website maintenance.
  2. A web project built with static HTML with more than 10 pages could be cumbersome and static websites become a nightmare to run when the web pages grow beyond 10, and which is why some business owners prefer the alternative “dynamic or CMS website”.


How much does a website design cost?

Website cost depends on the simplicity or complexity of features or components that drive the website. The price of static website with pages less than 5 is not the same as that of website with over 5 pages.

The same goes for dynamic websites, the price of CMS website with or without web copy may also vary.

Check the website pricing page to learn more.

Why do I need a dynamic website for my online business?
  1. The most crucial success measuring metric for a a successful business website online is whether it accomplishes its objective. Having a comprehensive and effective server-side dynamic website ultimately has a positive impact on your online business.
  2. It eliminates repetitions and complexities of maintaining a web project as the business grows.
  3. Dynamic website is clearly the unbeatable choice of having a total control over your website. So any successful website should be built dynamically regardless of the number of web pages.
How much does eCommerce website cost?

eCommerce website cost may vary depending on the model you choose. Visit the website pricing page to view the current eCommerce rates.

Do I have to be with you in person to get the job done?

Website development from ground up may not necessarily requires client presence, all you need to provide is your comprehensive information about your prospective project that may include:

  1. The summary of the goals, objectives, and the target audience for the site.
  2. Some basic idea of your web project
  3. A list of special services needed
  4. Top competitors in your industry

You can get a comprehensive website quote detailing all you need to get you started on a clean plate.

What is the primary purpose of CMS

CMS is a content management system. It is a medium through which an authorize user makes changes by adding, updating and removing contents at a touch of a button.

The primary purpose of having a CMS-inclined website is the ability to perform the most complex task in a simplified way without the knowledge of any programming language.

What do I need to do to make my website a success?

A successful website begins with a great attitude a webmaster owner shows.

You can do many things to address the success factor of any website presence online by:

  1. Choosing a reliable web hosting
  2. Choosing an appropriate domain name relevant to your business model.
  3. Optimizing your site for all web browsers
  4. Creating a logical site structure and accessible navigation menus
  5. Generating a sitemap
  6. Creating an information pages such as about us and privacy policy page to guide your visitors.
Is it advisable to maintain website by myself?

It is advisable with caution, only if you have a programming knowledge and a little bit of cyber security experience. Otherwise, the best advice is to hire a professional programmer to do the maintenance to keep your website free of unwanted malware and attacks.

I am having problem updating my old site

There are two possible causes:

  1. The website may be a static website and might not have a user-friendly control panel interface which would allow you execute the updating task.
  2. Your website is a self-hosted one and this option may not allow you to customize your site and the functionality exactly the way you want.
How long does it take a create a website?

The timeline usually depends on the following factors:

  • The type of websites you are developing
  • The complexity of the current web project.

A basic website with few web pages may take maximum of 7 working days from us (GWA studio Edmonton).

A CMS website such as corporate website may be take between 20 – 30 days to complete.

A complex CMS with more functionalities could take up to 2 – 3 months to finalize.

An eCommerce website with few inventory could take up to 1-2 month and while the larger inventory takes up to 3 months to complete.

Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about buying a domain and frequently asked questions you should know.

Why domain name is so important?

Choosing the right domain is the foundation of your online business success or failure. Your domain name is an important factor search engines use to rank your website.

So selecting a domain name relevant to theme of your website increase the likelihood of being found or rank well in SERP (search engine result pages).

What should I consider before choosing a domain?

When choosing a domain name, it is important you consider your business theme and in doing so, it would be favorable to add one or two major keywords your website is attempting to rank for.

You may let your web developer do this to register a domain name that contains as few characters as possible and most importantly avoid  HYPHENS( – ) within your domain name

The selected domain has already been regsitered

In the event of not able to find the domain of your choice, or perhaps taken by someone else. You may be able to register the name by selecting a different top-level-domain extension.

Let’s say you need to buy, and was taken, you could still use the same name but different extension such as e.t.c.

Who should register your domain name and by whom

Registering a domain name is easy and simple, you can register domain yourself if you are comfortable doing so or use your web developer to do on your behalf.

If your designer is buying a domain in lieu of you, then you should ensure to take the following steps to ensure that the domain remains under your control:

  • You should be listed as the registrant
  • Your mailing information, email-address and more intrinsic personal info should be under your name.
  • Ensure the person or company helping you is listed as the technical contact, in case there are technical issues to be resolved.



What makes a good domain name?

A good domain name should be:

  • be unique and concise
  • easy to remember or memorable
  • catchy and easy to say in person
  • easy to spell
  • readable and typo friendly
Thinking of changing my domain

Changing of domain is possible and if your choice of domain did not meet your business expectation as a result, the following are the pros and cons you would surely be confronted with:

  • Renaming a site with a poor URL
  • The existing domain traffic may be jeopardized and perhaps downsize the worth of the web traffic
  • Losing brand recognition
  • Inbound links would be lost
  • Search engine ranking will be completely compromised
  • Expensive
Domain name is expired, what should I do?

It is not wise to wait until you have your domain expired. But if you had the domain expired, there are possibility of having it re-instated but if taken, a new TLD extension is the last option.

If the domain was previously on .com extension and was expired, you could opt in for .net or .org extension as the alternative, doing so would make you retain your current brand without losing the name completely.

Is it safe to add special character to my domain name?

It is simply not safe and suitable to have a weird character in your domain name.

Let’s say you want to purchase “” but surprisingly taken and you would be tempted to regenerate or re-invent another by adding a character like “hypen, or underscore”  so it becomes


The character (-) that appears though is allowed in domain names, but people would have a hard time finding the dash character so it’s better to avoid them completely.

Top Popular FAQs on Web Hosting

As a site owner you would face with the challenge of choosing the right or reliable hosting provider.

What is web hosting?

A  web hosting is a service that provides a space on the Internet allowing your website documents to be accessed by other Internet users remotely. It is the space on a server for your domain to be easily seen remotely around the world. It could be shared, dedicated or virtual.

Which is the best hosting service for small business

From cost effectiveness stand-point, the best hosting service for small business is a shared hosting service. Although, how much storage you need might shift the needs for this option if you are running a big corporation.

Some web hosting is free is this advisable

There are free web hosting service providers, but the truth is, you should avoid free web hosting at all cost, if you are looking to build your own brand on a large-scale with working functionality without glitches or restrictions.

Free hosting always come some weird and unexpected conditions such as pop up advertisements, which can actually constitute nuisance and annoy your potential visitors to be dissuaded on your site.

How reliable is the web hosting provider?

A reliable website hosting provider must have at least or possess of the following good standing characters:

  • Accessibility: a great website is useless if visitors are unable to reach or get to it when it matters. So reliability of your website hosting provider is vital.
  • Uptime running: check to see the fine print of the service provider uptime running is guaranteed and do some research on the amount of downtime or slowdowns on the server.
  • Storage and bandwidth coverage: know what you are paying for and that it worth it. You need to know how much storage space and bandwidth you need to host a personal, corporate or eCommerce website.

We can actually take the pains off this scrutiny by letting us take over this cause and give you the best and reliable web hosting provider that most relevant to your web project.

How much does it cost to host a website?

Cost of web-hosting varies depending on the types of servers you want for your project. Web hosting providers offer a wide range of server types and operating system with different price.

  • Share hosting cost ($8/month – $12/month USD) this is the most popular and its great for small business owners with single site.
  • Virtual Private Server VPS hosting ranges from $10 – $40/month.
  • Dedicated hosting price also vary depending on the level of hardware, speed and RAM $65/month – $160/month
What is difference between shared and dedicated hosting?
  • A share hosting is a type of server that hosts your website on a server with hundreds or even thousands of other website. It is the most popular hosting option on the web due to its affordability and maintainability. It is cost effective and less complicated to set up.
  • Dedicated hosting hosts web contents exclusively on single server with a unique IP and might require little bit of programming effort to set up.
What is the effective way of choosing the right hosting?

The effective way of selecting a reliable and trustworthy web-hosting service provider is to read the reviews of the company on a trusted review website or do some due diligence searching on what designers or website owners are saying about the service provider.

What is difference web hosting provider and ISP?

A website hosting provider manages space your website occupy on the Internet for storing and accessing files site contain. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the company that enables you to get on the Internet or a provider responsible for Internet service either via cable, satellite, DSL e.t.c

Web Copywriting FAQs

Learn more about how important a well-written web copywriting is essential to the success of your website

What is web copywriting?

A web copy or web copywriting is defined as an effective form of marketing with a well-written, unique and engaging writing that is rich in keywords relevant to the business of your interest.

It is what drives the interest of visitors and converts to potential leads.

Why web copy is important to your website?

Web copy is the lifeline of your website, and in most cases, it is what search engines evaluate, validate and measure up to rank your website. It is extremely crucial to have a unique web copy because a well written content will help increase your brand awareness and persuade the prospective audience to take a specific action.

Note, the quality of your content is simply a yardstick to the success of your online business and determine whether a customer will purchase something from your website.

Why do I need a professional writes my web copy?

A professional web copy and a well-written contents for your website is nothing compared to just a mere piece of contents that lacks all the required qualities and measures to be put in place during the production of contents for the target industry.

See why an expert should handle your web copywriting:

  • Help in creating online sales copy
  • Deal with technical issues such as bounce rate, increases your sales and drives more traffic
  • Optimizes the required and relevant key phrases within the prioritize web document elements such as title, description, image, paragraphs, hyperlinks, anchor text and few more elements that matters most.
I don't need a web copy, I have my own content

Writing a web copy for your website is not mandatory, and you can choose to use your raw contents as is without the support of a professional web copywriter.

But the difference it would make is obvious in terms of your website visibility, ranking and bounce rate.

Remember, original, naturally flowing, keyword-rich contents that is engaging in real-time provides your readers with a positive vibes and influence them to take actions.

How much does web copywriting cost?

The cost of web copywriting varies depending on:

  • The number of pages on your web project
  • The number of words per page
  • The type of websites (personal website or eCommerce website)

The price of web copy for a website with 3 pages such as home, service and contact us page is range between $350 – $500. While a site with 4 – 10 pages may cost $500 – $1000.

But with GWA studio, we only charge a ball pack on all our website design services.


How long does it take to make a web copy?

Writing an authentic contents that actually speaks the language your prospective clients understand do take a considerable amount of time. However, there is always a timeline apportioned to every project such as this. The following are the minimum timelines as the complexity grows:

  • 300 words – 24 hrs
  • 301 to 500 words – 48 hrs
  • 501 to 1000 words – 72 hrs
  • over 1000 words – more than 80 hrs
What is the difference between web copy and SEO

A web copy is a subset of SEO features. It is actually about content authenticity and effectual contents that influence the user’s action and engagements.

While SEO is the search engine optimization that deals with the generic optimization of fine-tuning website elements to achieve its best fit of ranking.

What information do I need to provide for web copy?

If you are hiring a professional like us, all you need to provide are listed below:

  • The objective of your website
  • The number of pages you intend to write copy for
  • Number of keyphrase or keywords of choice
  • List of target competitors in the same industry like you (keeping the list to 5 max).
What is the difference between copywriting and web copy ?

Copywriting is the traditional form of writing or contents representation for the purpose of advertising which include texts that appears on advertising promotional materials like websites, brochures, fliers & posters, billboards and catalogs.

A web copy is connecting the user with the advertising contents that are valuable, rich in keyword relevant to the materials and positive. The goal of this is to engage the user to read  and take an action while doing so.

Why you need to review and update your contents

Reviewing your website contents frequently is helpful in the following ways

  • It helps to see the performances and behavior of each page and how well and important the page response to user experience
  • It helps you check against a highly-ranked or popular competitors to see how they redistribute their content within their web documents.
  • It is important to check for mistakes or errors. Note, the mistakes in your correct if not corrected make you look unprofessional, sloppy, incompetent, which are qualities you never want to dabble with.

Top Popular FAQs on Website Pricing

Find relevant questions about pricing for web design.

Do you charge monthly fees

G16 web design agency does not charge a monthly fee. Our pricing is only per project and which makes it vary depending on how complex the milestone of the site is. See our website pricing page to learn more.

How much does it cost to host a personal website

The cost of hosting a personal website is dependent on the type of personal website you want to create for your online web presence.

  • One page website for instance cost $,2000. The price covers the cost for hosting, the domain name acquisition, design of the entire project, graphics, and issuance of SSL certificate responsible for the security of transferring of data online.
  • 5-page HTML website cost $2,500. The cost covers the installation of the files and document on server, complete design project, graphic, 2 professional emails, cost of domain and hosting for a year and SSL certificate.
  • 15-page HTML website cost $3,000. The cost covers the installation of the files and document on server,  submission of web pages to search engines, complete website design project, graphic, 3 professional emails, cost of domain and hosting for a year and SSL certificate.
Why is variation in CMS websites rates

A content management system website is a server and database driven site, hence, variation in the pricing could be as a result of:

  • The number of web features and functionalities to be added.
  • Addition of blog posts and the number of posts you intend to add, and that includes the content for the article
  • Provision of web contents and web copywriting
  • The number of keyphrase or keyword to be optimized
  • Local listing of your online business
  • Social media fan page design
  • Website analytics and submission to search engines.
  • Maintenance of the website and how long will it last for.

Check out the pricing for corporate website.

How much does it cost to write web copy for eCommerce

The price for writing an authentic contents for a store owners online would depend on  eCommerce inventory product’s capacity – small or large.

  • an eCommerce website with 4 information pages (landing page, about us, terms and policy page) and 10 product detail page cost $1,200
  • eCommerce website with page over 4 with more than 10 product details will require additional $50 more on every new page added.
What is the cost of optimizing a website
  • The cost for optimizing a website surely lies on how long and well you want to maintain your ranking and placement in SERP (search engine result pages) of search engines.
  • The location(s) of interest you will be targeting – local, regional or national coverage.
  • Types of SEO you would be using, will it be organic, paid or both.

See GWA SEO pricing

How much does it cost to maintain a website for a year

Website maintenance cost or rate varies and the variation in the price-tag depend on the following factors

  • The type of website to be maintained
  • The current status of the website – hijacked or vulnerable
  • The period of maintenance coverage

A quick sneak peek into the maintenance costs are given below

  • Personal website may cost between $10 – $25/month
  • Corporate website without a blog $30 – $65/month
  • Corporate website with a blog $45 – $100/month
  • eCommerce website – basic $100 – $225/month
  • eCommerce website – enterprise $200 – $325/month
How much does it cost to host a corporate websites

Corporate website price also vary with the complexity and category of business website. We have three special pricing packages for corporate business owners

  • Essential CMS dynamic website: $3,500 and covers unlimited pages, CMS, domain & hosting for a year, FTP accounts and unlimited webspace
  • Pro corporate website comes with 6 unique blog posts cost $4,500
  • Enterprise corporate website cost $7,000 includes unique, authentic and keyword-driven web contents  and many more features

See all the rates for corporate websites.


I have an old website, how much will a redesign cost me

Redesigning old website rates may vary depending on if the site is

  • a basic HTML website and how many pages come with it
  • contains new or refresh contents to be included and of course, the number of pages have to taken into consideration
  • a simple or complex server-side CMS website

Cost of redesigning

  • Personal website 1-3 pages: $850
  • Personal website 5 pages: $1200
  • Personal website 15 pages: $1400
  • Corporate website (essential): $1800
  • Corporate website (pro): $2200
  • Corporate website (enterprise): $3500


Does SEO and site contents cover in the pricing deal

The price of SEO is exclusively detailed in GWA web design rates and NOT included in all our website design services except in a few package as shown in our website pricing page. The website contents also not included, the website owner provides their content unless a request for this specific service is required with a cost.

Do you charge hourly, monthly or per project

G16 Web Design Agency charges per project ONLY.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

All you need to know about SEO and your website ranking and visibility

What is an SEO

SEO is called search engine optimization and is defined as the on-going or continued monitoring of website ranking in the search engine result pages using various optimized strategies to aid improvement and exposure of your web site.

Why do I need SEO for my website

Every business operating online might failed if SEO techniques are not implemented correctly from the beginning of website campaign. Below are some of the core reasons you should implement SEO ASAP.

  • Web site without SEO will be lost in the crowd, not to mention the myriads of business online providing the same services like yours.
  • A well structured and optimized website stand the chance to compete with the leading businesses in your target industry
  • SEO will help build a powerful audience and lucrative online campaign organically without spending too much money to achieve with time.
Why SEO is so important?
  • A website with comprehensive and effective practice of SEO will not enjoy quality organic ranking for her chosen keywords but also increase the company return of investment with time.
  • SEO is plays a vital role in building trust and brand with the potential audience whenever your web page is ranked in the first page of SERP.
  • It does help build audiences that are loyal to your brand and boosts your recognition, encourages new and existing customers to come back to your website owing to quality and well-written contents on your web pages.


How long does it take to see result of SEO

SEO is important and crucial, so as the time and efforts put into it. There is no doubt that, there are expectations about how high your site will rank and how soon will it be. If you think your website will be ranked to number one page of SERP for every keyword you aspire within short time, you WON’T but expect the hope to be botched or dashed.

There is no overnight success or miracle in search engine optimization as most other SEO service agent may claim. SEO is a practice that must be continuously apply depending on the customer behavior and interaction with the chosen queries.

So expect a minimum of three months for the effect of SEO to start to show for a new website.

What are SEO best practices I should be aware of

SEO best practices you should apply on a daily bases to your online business are listed below

  • Stop wasting time on techniques that don’t generate positive outcome e.g optimizing a low-volume key phrases that probably generate 1-2 visits per month
  • Always plan ahead, know what you want to rank for, and why you need to be ranked for that and the expectation of that ranking should be quantified and evaluated.
  • Keep your eye on the result and track the progress of the ranking pages and improve on the bad keyphrases.
  • Choose your domain name wisely and be practical about it.
How do I plan for my website keywords

Planning for your keywords should begin with the type of industry, business objectives, and the target audience for that particular website. If you understand all of these 3 fundamental factors, as a business owner, you should be able to extrapolate a keyphrase that actually resonate with your brand.

So the bulk of your website structure including the directory structure, filename and page copy, are built around keywords and phrases you intend to rank for.

How do I know the right keywords for my site

There is no magic bullet to choosing the right keywords without an extensive planning of keyword. Keyword generation, selecting the top keyphrases and analyzing your competition are crucial approaches that could guide you in picking the right keywords for a website.


What is the difference between SEO and SEM

SEO is an organic techniques of ranking higher in the search engine ranking pages that requires a considerable amount of time, effective practices and constant monitoring. This method proves to be the best and it is cost effective.

SEM is a non-organic techniques of ranking higher that requires bidding and payment for  specific keywords e.g. PPC – a paid per click. This method is also great but expensive.

I am confused, if I should for for SEO or SEM

Both method of ranking higher in the search engine pages are great, but you have to decide if you want to either put in the hard work (SEO) way or forgo this and rather let your money do it for you (SEM) way.

SEO is an organic strategic, using this method would give exactly what you need such as

  • establishes your business presence with powerful authority and trust
  • ranking well for your chosen keywords for free

SEM (paid advertising strategy) is

  • fast to rank for your chosen keywords
  • not for a long time, as this is pay as you rank. Once your payment ends, your ranking disappears.


Do I need to hire someone to do the SEO

Ranking for what you want isn’t for a rookie or lame professionals, and ranking higher using a fake black-hat techniques and shady SEO practices only going to expose you and leading to your website being banned permanently by search engines.

For these reasons, hiring a professional SEO expert that actually apply all the practical and acceptable SEO techniques you deserve is the best way to invest for your small business.

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